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Garage Door Repair Services in CA

Many homeowners try to repair their garage doors themselves. If the issue you are facing is something minor like lubrication of hinges or simple loosening or tightening of bolts used in the garage door, it may be something that you can handle on your own. For bigger problems, the most prudent thing to do is call our friendly and professional technicians at Garage Door Magic SF. When it comes to garage door repair, there are many reasons why we are the best experts to handle the problem.

  • Weight of the door – Garage doors are heavy and often weigh hundreds of pounds. The last thing you need is to cause damage to your person or the garage door while trying to handle a repair task yourself. Our professionals are equipped with the right equipment needed to handle intricate tasks like garage door repairs. Place your trust in our expertise. You will not regret the choice that you have made.
  • Tension and strength – We specialize in all garage door spring and cable repairs. This is a job that must be left to professionals. The fact is that garage door springs have an incredible amount of tension stored in them that is needed for them to work accurately. Trying to solve a garage door spring repair problem on your own might result in injuries and damage to property.
  • Complex Solutions – Most of the time, it becomes difficult for lay people or amateurs to determine exactly where the problem lies. One solution may not be enough to solve your garage door issue. We understand the fact that several issues may be contributing toward your repair need. We have the expertise and the equipment to isolate each of these issues and rectify them individually so that your garage door works smoothly as a whole.

Garage Door Repair by Garage Door Magic SF

Our professionals are well versed with conducting end to end garage door repair work like:

  • Installation of new doors
  • Custom creation of new garage doors that meet your needs
  • Repair of garage door openers
  • Correction of overhead garage door springs
  • Repair of torsion springs
  • Handling broken, bent and malfunctioning garage door cables, rollers, tracks, sections and panels
  • Complete replacement of sections and panels
  • Hardware overhauls for garage doors
  • Silencing of noisy garage doors
  • Safety inspections
  • And more.

Statistics show that around 30,000 trips to the hospital emergency rooms made every year are owing to non-professionals and amateurs trying their hands at garage door repairs. Don’t put yourself and your loved ones in the line of fire! We are here to handle every single aspect of garage door repair for you. Protect your investment and your life by calling on Garage Door Magic SF experts.

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