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(866) 874-1001

Garage Door Repair in Novato, CA

Driving home late at night only to discover the garage door is not opening is never a good thing. Making the discovery when it is pouring rain is going to be even more annoying. A sad fact of life when it comes to garage doors is they sometimes breakdown. The various parts and components can end up wearing out. If that's the case, we can help you fix your problem!

  • Service Fee: $29
  • Phone: (415) 754-4551
  • Service Areas: Novato, CA and surrounding cities
  • Location: 100 Galli Drive, Novato, CA 94949
  • 24hr Emergency Service - Available

In some cases, the salt in the air from the ocean could even contribute to corrosion. Regardless of why something is not working, the problem has to be fixed. Calling Magic Garage Door can help restore the garage door to its proper operating ability. We are definitely here to help you with any repair work you may require.

One thing worth pointing out is the problems with a garage door might not always be major ones. Yes, there are instances where we have to fix electrical issues or even the motor that runs the cables. However, quite often, the problems may be minor ones such as the track being bent or the rollers on the door being damaged. While these might be minor problems to find, the garage door is not going to function unless a replacement is made. We are on call to help you with any garage door repair work you might need. That means if you cannot wait until the next business day to call on us, here is some good news: our business day is 24hrs as far as emergency work is concerned.

If your garage door will not operate and it is 3am, do not worry. We can send one of our reliable technicians to your residence to have the problems fixed. Our prices are fair and reasonable and we do our best to figure out and fix the problem without any delays. At the first sign of trouble with your garage, just give us a call.


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