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(866) 874-1001

Garage Door Repair in Dublin, CA

The garage is one of the most often used areas of many homes and businesses, with the garage door acting as a security feature to protect automobiles and personal belongings. With more than twenty years of providing garage door repairs for the residents of Dublin and its surrounding areas, our professionals at Magic Garage Door have the skills, qualifications and experience of repairing a wide variety of problems that may occur with any garage doors.

  • Service Fee: $29
  • Phone: (925) 800-4546
  • Service Areas: Dublin, CA and surrounding cities
  • Location: 7567 Amador Valley Blvd, Dublin, CA 94568
  • 24hr Emergency Service - Available

When a garage door stops working it can be extremely frustrating for the property owner, not only because of the problem of keeping a vehicle secure, but also because many property owners use their garage for storage. To maintain the security of a property the garage door needs to be working correctly, which can be maintained with the help of the 24 hour repair service available from Magic Garage Door.

Although the garage door seems to be an impenetrable entrance, each door is fitted with a weather strip that may fail over the years and needs to be repaired and maintained over the years. Without an effective weather strip a garage door may allow rain and other elements into the garage and damage stored vehicles and items.

Despite seeming to be a relatively simple action of lifting to open and pushing down to close, the garage door can have many parts that are difficult to maintain without training and experience. We, at Magic Garage Door have the knowledge and experience to repair and maintain manual and automatic garage doors, with the repair of automatic garage door opening remotes and mechanisms completed on a regular basis.


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